Il Sogno Tricolore

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Kennel, Middelburg, The Netherlands

Eating makes you grow.

Today the little critters are 9 days old and all are doing very well. They have doubled their weight and are about to open their eyes.
Probably tomorrow they will be able to see their mum for the first time.

Their crawling is slowly becoming more like walking. They try to move their hind legs one step at the time but mostly they drag themselves using their front paws. Like little soldiers escaping enemy fire.

To give Gaia some rest I sometimes get her out of the whelping box to allow her to sleep without being bothered for a drink. I do that for maximum 2 hours so the puppies won´t start crying for milk. When she then enters the box again, all pups immediately wake up to haunt her. But Gaia does it very well. She washes them all first before they can go to dinner.




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