Il Sogno Tricolore

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Kennel, Middelburg, The Netherlands

Gaia is pregnant !

Yes, Gaia is pregnant. There are no doubts anymore.

I already judged the chances to be high since she was very interested in mating, and did so twice.  Of course this is a good start of the whole pregnancy process....

The first 24 days I didn't see any real physical changes. But mentally she did change. Gaia is always very fond of eating, but this now has become quite extreme. In the afternoon she always gets a treat and she knows that. After our greeting ceremony I take her to the kitchen to get some nice dried treats like tripe for her. She normally needs to sit, lie down, or bark on command to get a piece of that delicacy. Now, she wants to make sure that she gets the treat and fast, so she, without me commanding anything, sits, lies down, and barks in a flash just to make sure that she is doing things right. It is very funny to see. She is really hungry now all the time ! Another thing I noticed is that she is sleeping more and also more alone. Normally she is always with me until I go to bed. She sleeps in my bedroom on her own mattress. Now, she often goes to the bedroom at daytime to sleep alone.

So these were all hopeful signs. Ofcourse I could go for an ultrasound after 24 days  to confirm if she is pregnant or not. But if you know that her lovely vet Sara calls herself Gaia's worst nightmare then you know how Gaia would feel about that. So I decided not to do this.

Then another sign showed up...when a dog is pregnant they sometimes have a mucoid discharge coming from you know where. Normally this happens around week 4, when you still do not see any physical changes and it is a very good indicator for a pregnancy. Gaia had that just before her 4th week.

So I was very happy ! 


And now she is 5 weeks pregnant and finally you can also tell by simply looking at her. 

Yes..she is getting fat ! A healthy kind of fat that is very welcomed by us !