Il Sogno Tricolore

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Kennel, Middelburg, The Netherlands

I am Lianne, a greater swiss mountain dog addict since my first swissy currently living in the Netherlands. My passion for greater swiss mountain dogs started in 1992. In my childhood we always had animals in our house, cats, dogs, hamsters, birds and so on, and once I lived on my own I  wanted my own dog. Having had hunting dogs in the past that had the habit of bringing home animals I actually loved, I decided to look for a type of dog that would not do this. I bought a dog encyclopedia and checked the dogs I liked on appearance and character, and after that decided to visit dog shows to see the dogs in reality and talk to breeders and owners. One of the dogs on my list was the greater swiss mountain dog. Honestly speaking, I was certain from the moment I laid my eyes on the greater swiss mountain dog that this was the dog for me.

Gaia with Lianne

Problem one was tackled, but very quickly followed by problem number two…these dogs were so rare in the Netherlands that there was a waiting list that could result in having to wait for 2 years for a puppy ! I decided to wait and registered for a puppy. Luck was with me when somebody cancelled his puppy reservation in holiday season and the breeders could not reach many people that were on the list before me…so I got my puppy after only one year of waiting. Soon I welcomed Boyo van het Keutenhofke in my home.

After a couple of years I decided that it would be nice for Boyo to have a friend, so I bought my second swissy, Bigor van het Keutenhofke in 1999.

Boyo reached a very nice age of 12.5 years and died in 2006. As Bigor was not used to being the only dog, I decided to get him a new companion after some time and welcomed Barrat van der Zuiderwaard into my home and heart. Unfortunately Bigor got ill and died at the age of 8 from acute kidney failure.

Then we received a telephone call from the owners from one of the sisters of Barrat, that they were sent abroad and if we would be willing to take care of their swissy for some months, which we decided to do, and that is how Tara entered into our lives.

To make a long story short, after Tara Gaia Karantanska came in my life,  born in Slovenia. As I had moved to Italy, Slovenia was very close by and I knew they have wonderful swissies there!

I  always wanted to breed one day and experience the joy of having my own litter, and to contribute to the breed which is still rare today by focusing on health, character and exterior.

Having the time, knowledge on the breed and a wonderful swissy that can contribute to the breed, Gaia gave me my first litter in November 2012. You can read more about that on one of the other pages. 

From this litter I kept Bieke Il Sogno Tricolore. Today I have 2 swissies still, Gaia and Bieke.